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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years ago

FrontPage ! Miss the DS Megathread?


Yeah, me too. Check out these various sources for brand-new DS Megathreads and general dual-screened chatter. I hear it's got only one place now...




Penny Arcade Suggests!



What's new with PAS


  • 8/17/07: Added Diddy Kong Racing DS to the main list and WiFi
  • 8/16/07: Added Picross DS to the main list and WiFi
  • 6/21/07: Added Ouendan 2
  • 6/11/07: Added Pokémon Diamond & Pearl to WiFi
  • 6/10/07: Added Planet Puzzle League to WiFi
  • 5/27/07: High Score page for Ouendan 2 added.
  • 5/4/07: Added Pokemon Pearl, Puzzle Quest, Viewtiful Joe and Spectrobes to the main list.
  • 4/22/07: Added Konami Classics Series to the main list.
  • 3/10/07: Added Bust-A-Move DS to the High Scores page.
  • 3/2/07: Updated "Schedule of weekly DS Game On nights" to include the latest schedule.


  • 2/18/07: Added Bleach DS 2nd to the main list and WiFi


  • 2/7/07: Added Polarium to the High Scores page.


  • 12/5/06: Added a boatload of images and stubs for 3 upcoming big games: Castlevania:PoR, Yoshi's Island DS and Kirby: Squeak Squad.
  • 12/1/06: Added Phoenix Wright: Justice for All to the main list.


  • 11/22/06: Added Bomberman Land Touch, Gumpey and Final Fantasy 3 to the main list, Bombermand Land and FF3 also added WiFi page.
  • 11/8/06: Added Elite Beat Agents to the main list
  • 11/3/06: Konductra and Mario vs Donkey Kong 2 has been added to the WiFi page for friend codes
  • 11/3/06: Added Konductra and Children of Mana to the main list
  • 10/21/06: Contact has been added to the WiFi page for friend codes
  • 10/18/06: Added Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime, Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2 to the main list
  • 10/10/06: WarioWare: Twisted & Touched! high scores pages
  • 10/3/06: Added GBA section to the DS Suggests Wiki
  • 9/21/06: Added Pokemon Mystery Dungeon to the main list
  • 9/18/06: Added Cooking Mama, Harvest Moon DS to the main list
  • 9/17/06: Added Megaman ZX to the main list
  • 8/30/06: Added Starfox Command to the main list
  • 8/29/06: Created Friend Codes pages for individual online games
  • 8/29/06: Added Tony Hawk & Metroid Prime Hunters Friend Code Lists
  • 8/29/06: Added Sonic Rush High Score & Time Attack Pages
  • 11/21/06: Added Pokémon Ranger to the main list


Who we are

The DS faithful of the Penny Arcade forums have congregated to create a wiki for all things DS-related: game recommendations, high-score leaderboards, regular nights to play DS games online, Friend Code lists and more. If you want something here but don't see it ... thanks to the beauty of Wikiness, you can add it yourself! Just let us know, 'kay?


This page originally started as strictly a recommendations page for for DS games. Below, DS games are listed in order of most endorsed, and after each game title is the forumer who endorses it. For forumers: If you want to endorse a game, add 1 to the tally and tack your name on the end of that list. Reorder the games if necessary. If you don't see a game that you wish to endorse here, add it to the bottom of the page along with your tally. Here we goooooooo!


137 New Super Mario Bros. : DeaconKnowledge, Halfmex, Lew Zealand, Sleep, PHI-1618, The Sphinx, Pooch, alanias, GinoMaggiore, Captain Amazing, Ravenlock, Pastry, MJ, Nailbunny, arjuna, davidbarry, Zek, Nexus Zero, Hazz, AlphaTwo, LupintheThird, jclast, Stormwatcher, Freezie KO, Tofenheimer, smallmouth, Improvolone, Jomero, Sol, Nefilim, Squashua, BiggNife, Sushisource, 12gauge, SageInARage, Jawa, AshtonDragon, Zorak15, Voro, Jackal, Kaputa12, Airan, Number_Nein, Davoid, Eliot Dubois, Shadowbane, slash000, Head881, Variable, Mugenmidget, JPS3, chrpnk, Racyrefinedraj, MrNarse, anteater, God-Jesus, TheNameIsJohnny, burkhart, RenegadeDrizzt, dronthego, DeathPrawn, Ril, thegloaming, Raughn, Vegan, jeffc, dmauro, wunderbar, Zephos, Taya, yammosk, TheGreat2nd, Ronen, Detox, maximumzero, PenguinSeph, Hardtarget, ScrabbleDude, Menace, Oden, Llyranor, KitFrog, SpazMuffin, Target Practice, Lunker, Torgo, Zython, Animal Spirits, Xir, Rehab, Boilerbird, citizen059, Mace1370, cheesechick, Agentflit, YesNoMu, Daiquiri, Avris, Sixfortyfive, 3rdrocket, Lep, Smokes, mare_imbrium, MinionOfCthulhu, Pink Frosty, Pierrot Le Fou, twmjr, tido14, Sinistar, ben0207, Chen, ScottieBoy, Tom Barker, LordNibbler, Htown, DeVryGuy, Manny, iowa, Jesuits, Omegasquash, ThatDudeOverThere, Karilmat, Narom, Stonecutter, Silvanos, notdekk, Green Bastard, quovadis13,Cymoro, Forever Zero, FunkyWaltDogg, Bloodattonment, Taximes, Quintile, Rikatix, wenchkilla, LewieP


118 Mario Kart DS (Wi-Fi): DeaconKnowledge, PenguinSeph, PHI-1618, Pooch, alanias, Mr_Rose, GinoMaggiore, Captain Amazing, Lunker, Ravenlock, MJ, Nailbunny, arjuna, davidbarry, Zek, Nexus Zero, Hazz, Jragghen, AlphaTwo, RenegadeDrizzt, LupintheThird, jclast, Stormwatcher, Freezie KO, smallmouth, Jomero, Sol, Nefilim, Squashua, BiggNife, Sushisource, Voro, Jackal, Airan, slash000, Number_Nein, Jarbornza, Eliot Dubois, Head881, Variable, JPS3, Racyrefinedraj, MrNarse, anteater, Jam Warrior, God-Jesus, burkhart, DeathPrawn, tappy, Ril, OnFriday, thegloaming, Charmy, Vegan, jeffc, wunderbar, Zephos, Lave, Taya, Kuribo, TheGreat2nd, Cullen, Detox, maximumzero, dronthego, Kouri1977, ScrabbleDude, Menace, Oden, Llyranor, SpazMuffin, Torgo, Zython, Animal Spirits, Rehab, Boilerbird, citizen059, Mace1370, Arcibi, Agentflit, YesNoMu, RPGeek, Daiquiri, Avris, 3rdrocket, MinionOfCthulhu, Pink Frosty, Pierrot Le Fou, ben0207, ScottieBoy, Tom Barker, LordNibbler, Manny, iowa, Jesuits, Omegasquash, Arminas, ThatDudeOverThere, Parkingtigers, Stonecutter, RandomEngy, quovadis13, Smokes, Cymoro, Forever Zero, Deswa, Vyolynce, Tigress, FunkyWaltDogg, Bloodattonment, Taximes, Quintile, Rikatix, waenchkilla, Sir Toasty, mogdemon, SmellsLike, Htown, Redfield85


117 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: 1up, 3rdrocket, Airan, Airking850, alanias, AlphaTwo, Animal Spirits, anteater, arjuna, AshtonDragon, Avaritia, BeeRocker, burkhart, CableCarrier, captaink, cheesechick, chrpnk, cj iwakura, Cullen, Daiquiri, DarkPrimus, davidbarry, Davoid, DeaconKnowledge, DeadMilkman, DeathPrawn, Demilitarized, DeVryGuy, Elendil, Eliot Dubois, Fantasyrogue, GinoMaggiore, Hardtarget, Head881, Improvolone, Jammers, Jam Warrior, Jarbornza, jclast, jeffc, JPS3, Jragghen, Kaputa12, Kewop Decam, Kouri1977, Kuribo, Lave (& Lave's non-gamer girlfriend), Lew Zealand, Lunker, LupintheThird, Llyranor, Menace, MinionOfCthulhu, MJ, MrNarse, Mugenmidget, Nailbunny, Number_Nein, Oden, OnFriday, Pastry, PenguinSeph, PHI-1618, Pooch, Racyrefinedraj, Ravenlock, RenegadeDrizzt, Rhaka, Ril, Ronen, SageInARage, Taya, ThatDudeOverThere, thegloaming, TheNameIsJohnny, The Sphinx, Thoughtless Muse, Tofenheimer, Variable, Vegan, wunderbar, zero_bit, Zorak15, yammosk, TheGreat2nd, ScrabbleDude, Target Practice, Zython, Sousuke, Hotlead Junkie, YesNoMu, RPGeek, Sixfortyfive, Sinistar, Zephos, ScottieBoy, Tom Barker, LordNibbler, JAEF, Htown, Manny, tido14, Narom, Pureauthor, Parkingtigers, Plastermask, Hambone, Stormwatcher, TVs_Frank, Smokes, Cymoro, Forever Zero, Rikatix, mogdemon, SmellsLike, mrgilmorean


102 Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow: Animal Spirits, DeaconKnowledge, PenguinSeph, RenegadeDrizzt, Halfmex, Pierrot Le Fou, Sleep, PHI-1618, The Sphinx, Pooch, GinoMaggiore, Ravenlock, Pastry, Nailbunny, arjuna, davidbarry, Hazz, Stormwatcher, Tofenheimer, smallmouth, Jomero, BiggNife, 12gauge, Zorak15, Voro, Kaputa12, Airan, Number_Nein, Airking850, Eliot Dubois, Shadowbane, Head881, JPS3, Thoughtless Muse, Demilitarized, MrNarse, SirUltimos, Jam Warrior, Karilmat, tappy, Khayless, Ril, OnFriday, dronthego, Charmy, jeffc, TwistedJester, Lave, Harlingtox AD, Kuribo, Zodiac Brave, TheGreat2nd, Ronen, Cullen, Detox, Kouri1977, ScrabbleDude, Mr_Rose, Target Practice, Torgo, Zython, Xir, Rehab, Elendil, Boilerbird, cheesechick, MJ, Hotlead Junkie, YesNoMu, Sousuke, Avris, 3rdrocket, Lep, mare_imbrium, Auturgist, MinionOfCthulhu, Pink Frosty, Llyranor, slash000, Sinistar, Chen, notdekk, Tom Barker, DeVryGuy, JAEF, Jammers, Manny, iowa, Omegasquash, Stonecutter, Lunker, tido14, rightbelow, Plastermask, Tolwrath, RandomEngy, Cymoro, Forever Zero, FunkyWaltDogg, TVs_Frank, Rikatix, wenchkilla, LewieP, mrgilmorean


96 Trauma Center: Under the Knife: DeaconKnowledge, Kewop Decam, Lew Zealand, PHI-1618, The Sphinx, Pooch, Mr_Rose, GinoMaggiore, Captain Amazing, Fantasyrogue, Lunker, Ravenlock, Pastry, Nailbunny, davidbarry, Jragghen, AlphaTwo, Rhaka, Stormwatcher, smallmouth, Improvolone, 12gauge, Rolfus, SageInARage, AshtonDragon, Zorak15, Kaputa12, Airan, Number_Nein, Davoid, Airking850, Eliot Dubois, Demilitarized, Head881, cj iwakura, Variable, PenguinSeph, slash000, chrpnk, Racyrefinedraj, MrNarse, anteater, God-Jesus, TheNameIsJohnny, Ril, OnFriday, Vegan, jeffc, Zephos, Jammers, Taya, yammosk, Jam Warrior, Kuribo, TheGreat2nd, Ronen, Karilmat, ScrabbleDude, thegloaming, SpazMuffin, Zython, Animal Spirits, wunderbar, Mace1370, cheesechick, YesNoMu, RPGeek, JAEF, Avris, Sixfortyfive, 3rdrocket, DarkPrimus, Pink Frosty, Sinistar, notdekk, ScottieBoy, Tom Barker, LordNibbler, Arminas, tido14, Narom, Parkingtigers, Plastermask, Silvanos, Dr_Keenbean, Green Bastard, quovadis, Smokes, Cymoro, Vyolynce, Dracil, Htown, LewieP, Redfield85, Edna, rightbelow


82 Kirby Canvas Curse: DeaconKnowledge, Kewop Decam, Lew Zealand, PHI-1618, The Sphinx, Pooch, GinoMaggiore, Lunker, Pastry, davidbarry, Zek, Nexus Zero, Hazz, Jragghen, AlphaTwo, Rhaka, Freezie KO, Improvolone, Sol, BiggNife, Harlingtox AD, AshtonDragon, Raughn, Jackal, Kaputa12, Airan, Number_Nein, Airking850, Head881, JPS3, Thoughtless Muse, TheNameIsJohnny, tappy, Ril, OnFriday, jeffc, dmauro, Lave, Zodiac Brave, Taya, TheGreat2nd, Ronen, Detox, maximumzero, Hardtarget, Avaritia, Kouri1977, Menace, Oden, Llyranor, SpazMuffin, Target Practice, Ravenlock, yammosk, Torgo, Zython, Jam Warrior, CableCarrier, cheesechick, Agentflit, YesNoMu, RPGeek, Daiquiri, Avris, 3rdrocket, DarkPrimus, mare_imbrium, Pink Frosty, Pierrot Le Fou, ben0207, Zephos, cwapfobrains, Omegasquash, ThatDudeOverThere, Arminas, Narom, quovadis13, Cymoro, FunkyWaltDogg, Taximes, Sir Toasty


78 Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! : DaveTheWave, DeaconKnowledge, PenguinSeph, PHI-1618, The Sphinx, GinoMaggiore, Captain Amazing, Fantasyrogue, Lunker, arjuna, davidbarry, AlphaTwo, Rhaka, Stormwatcher, Tofenheimer, Rolfus, SageInARage, Jawa, AshtonDragon, Raughn, Voro, Airan, Number_Nein, Davoid, Jarbornza, Airking850, Kuribo, Eliot Dubois, Jragghen, cj iwakura, JPS3, chrpnk, MrNarse, TM2 Rampage, SirUltimos, Jam Warrior, tappy, DeathPrawn, Ril, zero_bit, Vegan, jeffc, TwistedJester, dmauro, Zephos, Taliosfalcon, Zodiac Brave, Sousuke, TheGreat2nd, Ronen, Cullen, Jomero, maximumzero, Kouri1977, ScrabbleDude, Torgo, Zython, Elendil, cheesechick, Agentflit, YesNoMu, RPGeek, Avris, Sixfortyfive, 3rdrocket, DarkPrimus, mare_imbrium, MinionOfCthulhu, Pierrot Le Fou, Chen, cwapfobrains, Arminas, Plastermask, Parkingtigers, Silvanos, Cymoro, Rikatix, rightbelow


76 Advance Wars: Dual Strike: DeaconKnowledge, PenguinSeph, PHI-1618, The Sphinx, Pooch, GinoMaggiore, Lunker, Pastry, MJ, Jragghen, AlphaTwo, Stormwatcher, Freezie KO, smallmouth, Liquidator, Squashua, Jawa, Voro, Kaputa12, Kuribo, Number_Nein, Eliot Dubois, Head881, Mugenmidget, JPS3, DeadMilkman, Thoughtless Muse, MrNarse, God-Jesus, burkhart, tappy, Khayless, Ril, OnFriday, jeffc, Twisted Jester, dmauro, wunderbar, Zephos, Lave, TheGreat2nd, Ronen, Jammers, Llyranor, SpazMuffin, RenegadeDrizzt, Target Practice, Torgo, Zython, Xir, Rehab, CableCarrier, Mace1370, Arcibi, Hotlead Junkie, Agentflit, YesNoMu, RPGeek, Avris, 3rdrocket, StriderEdge, MinionOfCthulhu, Arcas, Sinistar, ben0207, Chen, ScottieBoy, Tom Barker, Manny, Jesuits, Arminas, Parkingtigers, Vyolynce, FunkyWaltDogg, Quintile, Rikatix, mogdemon


66 Animal Crossing: Wild World (Wi_Fi): PHI-1618, The Sphinx, Pierrot Le Fou, alanias, GinoMaggiore, Fantasyrogue, Ravenlock, MJ, Nexus Zero, Kuribo, Hazz, AlphaTwo, Tofenheimer, Liquidator, Jackal, Number_Nein, Jarbornza, Eliot Dubois, Mugenmidget, DeadMilkman, Thoughtless Muse, MrNarse, anteater, Jam Warrior, TheNameIsJohnny, wunderbar, Zodiac Brave, Taya, TheGreat2nd, Ronen, Cullen, Detox, maximumzero, Kouri1977, Oden, thegloaming, Torgo, Zython, Jaef, Rehab, Elendil, Agentflit, Sir Toasty, JamesDM, Mace1370, 3rdrocket, Pink Frosty, ScottieBoy, Tom Barker, DeVryGuy, LordNibbler, Arminas, ThatDudeOverThere, tido14, rightbelow, Silvanos, TVs_Frank, Green Bastard, Cymoro, Vyolynce, Tigress, mogdemon, SmellsLike, Redfield85, Parkingtigers, Edna


61 Tetris DS (Wi-Fi): The Sphinx, Mr_Rose, GinoMaggiore, Captain Amazing, PHI-1618, Lunker, MJ, Zek, Nexus Zero, AlphaTwo, LupintheThird, Stormwatcher, Tofenheimer, Improvolone, Sol, Squashua, BiggNife, Harlingtox AD, Voro, Airan, Number_Nein, Eliot Dubois, RenegadeDrizzt, slash000, Demilitarized, Head881, Variable, Mugenmidget, JPS3, DeadMilkman, Demilitarized, MrNarse, God-Jesus, burkhart, DeathPrawn, Ril, OnFriday, jeffc, wunderbar, DeaconKnowledge, TheGreat2nd, 12gauge, maximumzero, Hardtarget, ScrabbleDude, Oden, Torgo, Zython, Pooch, Rehab, Agentflit, Avris, 3rdrocket, Lep, mare_imbrium, Omegasquash, Stonecutter, RandomEngy, quovadis13, Cymoro, Forever Zero, Vyolynce, Tigress, Hirocon, Redfield85


60 Meteos: DeaconKnowledge, Lew Zealand, PHI-1618, The Sphinx, alanias, GinoMaggiore, Lunker, davidbarry, AlphaTwo, jclast, Stormwatcher, Tofenheimer, smallmouth, Ravenlock, Jomero, Sol, Squashua, SageInARage, AshtonDragon, Jackal, Number_Nein, Eliot Dubois, Head881, JPS3, chrpnk, Demilitarized, Ril, zero_bit, Jammers, SirUltimos, Taya, TheGreat2nd, Ronen, Detox, dronthego, Kouri1977, Mr_Rose, Menace, Target Practice, Zython, Xir, Elendil, citizen059, cheesechick, Agentflit, Khayless, YesNoMu, Avris, 3rdrocket, Smokes, Sinistar, SpazMuffin, Tom Barker, Omegasquash, RandomEngy, quovadis13, Cymoro, Vyolynce, Tigress, FunkyWaltDogg


50 Elite Beat Agents: cheesechick, AshtonDragon, Mace1370, mare imbrium, AlphaTwo, zero_bit, Cullen, Htown, Pata Hikari, PenguinSeph, Ravenlock, Elendil, Jammers, Tofenheimer, Pink Frosty, Zython, YesNoMu, Jragghen, tido14, Sixfortyfive, SpazMuffin, SirUltimos, Narom, Corp.Shephard, Parkingtigers, Plastermask, Avris, wunderbar, Stormwatcher, slash000, TVs_Frank, Pooch, RandomEngy, quovadis13, CableCarrier, Smokes, Cymoro, cj iwakura, slash000, 12gauge, Vyolynce, Tigress, jclast, Rikatix, mogdemon, rightbelow, SmellsLike, LewieP, Redfield85, Edna

39 Brain Age: DeaconKnowledge, AlphaTwo, PHI-1618, Liquidator, Ravenlock, Jomero, Sol, Jragghen, Davoid, Head881, JPS3, slash000, Lave, Zodiac Brave, Taya, Kaputa12, TheGreat2nd, Cullen, Hardtarget, Avaritia, Target Practice, Torgo, CableCarrier, MJ, 3rdrocket, Lep, Daiquiri, Chen, JAEF, Omegasquash, Arminas, ThatDudeOverThere, Parkingtigers, Silvanos, Hambone, quovadis13, Cymoro, Bloodattonment, Htown, LordNibbler


38 Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time: Stormwatcher, PHI-1618, Liquidator, BiggNife, davidbarry, Kaputa12, Number_Nein, Davoid, Eliot Dubois, MrNarse, Jam Warrior, TwistedJester, Taya, TheGreat2nd, Hardtarget, Avaritia, Kouri1977, SpazMuffin, Zython, Animal Spirits, Mace1370, cheesechick, MJ, Hotlead Junkie, YesNoMu, Avris, 3rdrocket, Daiquiri, MinionOfCthulhu, jclast, Tom Barker, LordNibbler, Jesuits, Omegasquash, Pata Hikari, ThatDudeOverThere, Forever Zero, AlphaTwo


38 Metroid Prime: Hunters (Wi_Fi): DeaconKnowledge, Pooch, Mr_Rose, GinoMaggiore, Ravenlock, arjuna, Nexus Zero, AlphaTwo, LupintheThird, Stormwatcher, Improvolone, Nefilim, Squashua, Airan, Davoid, Eliot Dubois, Head881, JPS3, chrpnk, God-Jesus, Sir Toasty, DeathPrawn, slash000, Khayless, TheGreat2nd, Ronen, Kouri1977, Oden, Rehab, Mace1370, Agentflit, 3rdrocket, DarkPrimus, Tom Barker, tido14, Green Bastard, Cymoro, deswa, Bloodattonment


31 Starfox Command (Wi_Fi): Lunker, Pierrot Le Fou, DeaconKnowledge, MJ, maximumzero, Sci-Fi Wasabi, Mugenmidget, AlphaTwo, wunderbar, Sleep, YesNoMu, AshtonDragon, JPS3, Ravenlock, The Sphinx, Freezie KO, Zython, smallmouth, thegloaming, Smokes, Pink Frosty, JAEF, cwapfobrains, tido14, Narom, slash000, Cymoro, cj iwakura, FunkyWaltDogg, Stormwatcher, wenchkilla


30 Sonic Rush: maximumzero, Pooch, AlphaTwo, PHI-1618, BiggNife, Airan, cj iwakura, Mugenmidget, slash000, zero_bit, Taya, Avaritia, Zython, cheesechick, wunderbar, Hotlead Junkie, YesNoMu, Avris, 3rdrocket, StriderEdge, Sinistar, ben0207, Tom Barker, ThatDudeOverThere, Jragghen, Narom, Silvanos, quovadis13, Cymoro, Htown


24 Contact (Wi_Fi): Roostor, Manny, rightbelow, AshtonDragon, Taya, Jesuits, Mace1370, AlphaTwo, Karilmat, Cwapfobrains, Ravenlock, tido14, Animal Spirits, Plastermask, Sir Toasty, Avris, Stormwatcher, Smokes, Forever Zero, Detox, LordNibbler, jclast, Rikatix, wenchkilla


24 Megaman ZX: Lep, Llyranor, thegloaming, Zorak15, StriderEdge, Zodiac Brave, Tofenheimer, Kaputa, Pink Frosty, Shadowbane, Smokes, ProfMoriarty, Sinistar, notdekk, slash000, Tom Barker, Omegasquash, Ril, Lunker, Avris, Cymoro, cj iwakura, Pata Hikari, ~Sirultimos


23 Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin: Karilmat, YesNoMu, Elendil, Plastermask, Llyranor, Avris, Stormwatcher, Nick The Newbie, slash000, AshtonDragon, Pooch, Smokes, Cymoro, Forever Zero, Jam Warrior, Detox, Narom, FunkyWaltDogg, Tofenheimer, Dracil, rightbelow, LewieP, mrgilmorean


22 Super Mario 64 DS: Jam Warrior, Ril, zero_bit, Charmy, Zodiac Brave, Taya, Kuribo, Avaritia, Sir Toasty, Target Practice, Zython, JPS3, Avris, Mace1370, 3rdrocket, Jesuits, quovadis13, Cymoro, Rikatix, mogdemon, Parkingtigers



21 Metroid Prime Pinball: jclast, Freezie KO, Improvolone, Jomero, Head881, Mugenmidget, JPS3, AlphaTwo, Ril, Number_Nein, Ronen, Detox, maximumzero, cheesechick, 3rdrocket, slash000, Omegasquash, Pata Hikari, Green Bastard, Cymoro, Vyolynce



20 Final Fantasy III (Wi_Fi): AlphaTwo, tido14, Pierrot Le Fou, captaink, Arcas, false, Tolwrath, Hambone, Dr_Keenbean, AshtonDragon, Smokes, Forever Zero, TVs_Frank, Narom, Vyolynce, Bloodattonment, Pooch, Mace1370, Rikatix, Aldarez


19 Super Princess Peach: alanias, Mugenmidget, bushidogamer, LupintheThird, TheNameIsJohnny, tappy, Taya, maximumzero, Avaritia, ScrabbleDude, cheesechick, MJ, JPS3, Avris, Omegasquash, Pata Hikari, SirUltimos, Cymoro, Taximes


16 Nintendogs: Head881, Jam Warrior, GodessofChaos, AlphaTwo, Lave, Taya, Hardtarget, MJ, 3rdrocket, Sir Toasty, DeVryGuy, Tolwrath, Stormwatcher, Cymoro, Taximes, Edna


16 Band Brothers: GinoMaggiore, davidbarry, Hazz, AlphaTwo, alanias, AshtonDragon, dmauro, Taya, DeathPrawn, Ronen, Zython, cheesechick, MinionOfCthulhu, Tom Barker, Plastermask, Cymoro



15 Big Brain Academy: AlphaTwo, Jomero, davidbarry, Mugenmidget, JPS3, dronthego, Harlingtox AD, Number_Nein, Hardtarget, cheesechick, Lep, mare_imbrium, ScottieBoy, Omegasquash, Dr_Keenbean


15 Electroplankton: AlphaTwo, Tofenheimer, alanias, Improvolone, Sol, SageInARage, Davoid, Lunker, Thoughtless Muse, DeathPrawn, tappy, Ronen, maximumzero, Xir, Cymoro


15 Bleach DS (Wi_Fi): PHI-1618, GinoMaggiore, slash000, Mugenmidget, bushidogamer, tappy, jeffc, Zodiac Brave, Zython, Sixfortyfive, Jesuits, StriderEdge, Auturgist, Parkingtigers


15 Trace Memory: Kaputa12, Eliot Dubois, Variable, Jam Warrior, Vegan, Taya, ScrabbleDude, Avris, 3rdrocket, Smokes, ScottieBoy, Detox, Vyolynce, wenchkilla, AlphaTwo



15 Phoenix Wright: Justice For All: YesNoMu, AlphaTwo, Pooch, LordNibbler, Parkingtigers, Cullen, MJ, jclast, CableCarrier, Tofenheimer, Elendil, wunderbar, mogdemon, Htown, Jammers, mrgilmorean



14 WarioWare Touched: Pooch, PHI-1618, SageInARage, Airan, Mugenmidget, Hardtarget, Menace, Zython, Taya, cheesechick, Omegasquash, Cymoro, Jam Warrior, Vyolynce, wenchkilla



13 Lost in Blue: Liquidator, Jragghen, Shadowbane, Jam Warrior, Karilmat, Cpt. Murphey, Taya, Detox, ScrabbleDude, 3rdrocket, Plastermask, Parkingtigers, Edna





12 Jump SuperStars: AlphaTwo, alanias, Eliot Dubois, Mugenmidget, Zodiac Brave, Zython, CableCarrier, 3rdrocket, StriderEdge, Tom Barker, Smokes



11 Nanostray: AlphaTwo, Jragghen, Kaputa12, Racyrefinedraj, wunderbar, 12gauge, Mugenmidget, slash000, jeffc, JPS3, Hambone


11 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team: maximumzero, Zodiac Brave, jclast, Taya, Pata Hikari, Furu, ProfMoriarty, Jam Warrior, , Disco Bandit, AshtonDragon, Ril, FunkyWaltDogg



11 Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime: cheesechick, Taya, cwapfobrains, AshtonDragon, Omegasquash, Arcas, tido14, Plastermask, Llyranor, Avris, YesNoMu, AlphaTwo


10 Yoshi Touch & Go: AlphaTwo, Freezie KO, alanias, Harlingtox AD, Ril, Kuribo, wunderbar, maximumzero, Torgo, Zython


10 Cooking Mama: thegloaming, AlphaTwo, tido14, Arminas, Porphyria Plan, Tolwrath, Dr_Keenbean, LewieP, mrgilmorean, Parkingtigers, Edna



9 Polarium: jclast, SageInARage, Jragghen, Variable, Mugenmidget, AlphaTwo, Busby, Tofenheimer, Tigress



8 Feel the Magic XX/XY /Project Rub: 12gauge, Lunker, cj iwakura, Vegan, Lave, maximumzero, cheesechick, Vyolynce



7 Clubhouse Games: CableCarrier, YesNoMu, maximumzero, LordNibbler, jclast, wunderbar, Redfield85


7 Lost Magic (Wi_Fi): Jragghen, anteater, tappy, Taya, Avris, AlphaTwo, Cpt. Murphey


7 Yoshi's Island DS: MJ, Parkingtigers, slash000, 12gauge, maximumzero, Pooch, jclast


7 Resident Evil: Deadly Silence: maximumzero, Wang_Ninja, Hotlead Junkie, 3rdrocket, slash000, Dr_Keenbean, wenchkilla


7 Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The Warlords: AlphaTwo, SmellsLike, Htown, LewieP, LordNibbler, Parkingtigers, SirUltimos



6 Tony Hawk's American Sk8land (Wi-Fi): maximumzero, DeathPrawn, KitFrog, Mugenmidget, Arcibi, AlphaTwo


6 Bust-a-Move DS: Jragghen, Pooch, Ronen, Sleep, cheesechick, quovadis13


6 Touch Detective: AlphaTwo, Cpt. Murphey, Lunker, Plastermask, Smokes, Jam Warrior


6 Hotel Dusk Room 215: AlphaTwo, LordNibbler, Cullen, MJ, wunderbar, rightbelow




5 Children of Mana: AlphaTwo, Arcas, Lep, false, Llyranor


5 Kirby: Squeak Squad: Llyranor, AshtonDragon, Pooch, LordNibbler, LewieP


5 Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits: jclast, Freezie KO, AlphaTwo, maximumzero, LewieP


5 Harvest Moon DS: AlphaTwo, 3rdrocket, Cpt. Murphey, Parkingtigers, Edna


5 Pokémon Pearl: AlphaTwo, Jammers, Parkingtigers, Edna, SirUltimos


5 Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2: AlphaTwo, Parkingtigers, SirUltimos, rightbelow, Tofenheimer




4 The Rub Rabbits! / Feel The Magic 2: cj iwakura, maximumzero, cheesechick, 3rdrocket


4 Picross DS (Wi_Fi): LordNibbler, Parkingtigers, rightbelow, AlphaTwo



3 Magnetica: AlphaTwo, Mugenmidget, cheesechick


3 Pac'n'Roll: Nexus Zero, AlphaTwo, zero_bit


3 Puyo Pop Fever: tappy, bushidogamer, cj iwakura


3 Mario vs. Donkey Kong: March of the Minis (Wi_Fi): cheesechick, Freezie KO, Detox


3 Pac-Pix: bushidogamer, Kuribo, AlphaTwo


3 Touch the Dead: AlphaTwo, Parkingtigers, Edna


3 Dragonball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2: Mugenmidget, Taya, Parkingtigers


3 Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass: slash000, SirUltimos, AlphaTwo


3 Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations: slash000, AlphaTwo, Tofenheimer


2 Band Brothers Expansion Pack: AlphaTwo, cheesechick


2 Battles of Prince of Persia: Liquidator, jclast



2 Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll: Ronen, JPS3


2 Jump Ultimate Stars (Wi_Fi): Dracil, AlphaTwo


2 Magical Starsign: bushidogamer, AlphaTwo


2 Konductra (Wi_Fi): AlphaTwo, LewieP


2 Bomberman Land Touch! (Wi_Fi): AlphaTwo, LordNibbler


2 Tingle's Balloon Fight: AlphaTwo, Edna


2 Planet Puzzle League: slash000, AlphaTwo


2 Geometry Wars: Galaxies: slash000, AlphaTwo


2 Sonic Rush Adventure: slash000, AlphaTwo


2 Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings: slash000, AlphaTwo


2 Megaman ZX Advent: slash000, Tofenheimer




1 Contra 4: slash000


1 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: slash000


1 Diddy Kong Racing DS (Wi_Fi): LordNibbler


1 Bleach DS 2nd: Kokui Hirameku Requiem (Wi_Fi): Dracil


1 Konami Classics Series Arcade Hits: slash000


1 Age of Empires:Age of Kings Jam Warrior


1 Break 'em All: Improvolone


1 Gunpey DS: AlphaTwo


1 Lunar Knights: jclast


1 Pokémon Ranger: jclast


1 Rayman DS: maximumzero


1 Ultimate Spider-Man: Mugenmidget


1 Asphalt: Urban GT 2: AlphaTwo


1 Spectrobes: AlphaTwo


1 Viewtiful Joe Double Trouble: AlphaTwo


1 Game And Watch Collection: AlphaTwo



Seriously, guys. Please reorder the games when you increase something's count. You're all smart enough to know what numbers are bigger than other numbers. And please preview before you save. This way you'll know whether or not your name has become linkified and therefore needs a tilde (~) in front of it to correct it.


FOR THE LOVE OF GOD REORDER THE STUPID THING! I just had to go and fix a bunch of crap, and Im not even very good at this sort of thing.

Try a bit harder next time dudes. -Avris





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Anonymous said

at 2:11 am on Jul 19, 2006

So....we adding pages for each game? Or not?

Anonymous said

at 10:02 am on Jul 25, 2006

It needs a picture, but check out [New Super Mario Bros]. (For some reason, it won't let me make a link in a comment, but it should turn up in search.

Anonymous said

at 11:15 pm on Jul 25, 2006

I propose that we stop having lists of users who endorse games and just list numbers.

Anonymous said

at 6:53 pm on Jul 28, 2006

I (Jam Warrior) disagree with anonymous. I like the lists.

Anonymous said

at 12:35 am on Jul 29, 2006

I like the names of who endorse the games. Say you own two games you enjoy, and you see another person endorses those two games, you would look for other games that person endorses as well.

Anonymous said

at 4:00 am on Aug 10, 2006

Since the lists are getting larger, I think we should make the Front Page have numbers only, and then have separate pages for each games where we list who approves.

Anonymous said

at 8:58 pm on Sep 20, 2006

I added >>> align="left" style="margin: 10px"<<< to most of the "img" tags, this makes the image display nicely on the left hand side. I also had to make sure that every game had "div" tags around it, so that it would display nicely. Can somebody finish the rest? ~chaos

Anonymous said

at 3:37 pm on Nov 3, 2006

Hey, Alpha, let go of the lock you...lock nazi!

Anonymous said

at 3:58 pm on Nov 3, 2006

You let go of it. Nazi.

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